I don’t write anymore, but I’ve found this blog a huge comfort in recent weeks. There are a lot of spooky parallels from my own background to experiences, but it’s far better written and more dignified than anything I could produce. Please have a look.


I have lost my best friend. Maybe lost is the wrong word. They haven’t died but I feel the empty space where they used to be acutely.

We were friends for over two years. I met him originally at a tweet up and after it had finished I dropped him off at the train station. That would have been that only he looked so forlorn as he walked away that I texted him to make sure he was alright a couple of days after. He texted back and from that day on we were friends.

He is one of the most lovely, caring and thoughtful people but he has no idea. He is also ridiculously funny which doesn’t always come across in texts. He’s brilliant at finding out information you need and encouraging you to do new things. Although he can be unintentionally harsh when you don’t take his advice…

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