Women’s Voices

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to the wonderful Heather, (known on twitter as @betamother) who was telling me about an idea she had for a project. She wanted to focus on centering women’s voices and what better way to do that than by talking about grandmothers? After all, everybody’s got one. She kindly asked me if I’d liked to contribute something about my own grandmother and her excitement quickly rubbed off on me.

It took me longer than I had expected to put this piece together about my nan, by which time, The Grantidote had already been launched. As I read other people’s contributions, I felt even more proud to be a part of something so important. Giving voices to women who are all extraodinary in ordinary ways. Tales of love, defiance, anecdotes that made me laugh out loud and some truly remarkable stories that showed just how much more women have to offer than we’re often led to believe. I’d love to see more people getting involved, especially on twitter. And before anyone complains, it’s not exclusively for women. Men have grandmothers too, so get reading and tweeting @TheGrantidote

So here is Tulsi’s story. A woman who made quite an impact on my life in a very short space of time.

Tulsi’s Story

And please do take a look at all the wonderful pictures and stories on TheGrantidote.com It has been bringing me joy since its launch a few days ago.

Don’t forget to follow the twitter account @TheGrantidote

Aren’t women great?


2 thoughts on “Women’s Voices

  1. Aaaah what a lovely treat for these words to rock up in my in-box, thank you so much Andie :’-)

    Your endorsement of the project and its process means an awful lot, I know you’re a woman who really lives her feminism so it was incredibly important to me that you were involved from the beginning to light the way for others.

    Thanks also for emphasising that The Grantidote is a community of stories from men and women, centering women’s experiences and impact. It’s lovely, truly lovely, to work with like-minded souls on a positive intervention to what passes for normal.

    Heather @betamother @TheGrantidote & http://www.thegrantidote.com


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